Podcast 49: History Speaks takes a look at some of the many hotels that offered their hospitality to travelers and local people alike in Danville and Montour County.

The Excelsior Hotel in Washingtonville was opened in 1837 by James T. Heddens who operated it for forty four years. Following his death, his wife Fanny continued to manage the hotel. Fannie was one of the most popular hotel keepers in the county and the “Fannie Heddens Hotel” saw many diners, arriving on horse and buggy from Danville and Bloomsburg. The hotel was burned in 1891 but at once rebuilt. The hotel was purchased in 1906 by E.E. Freymeyer who continued to operate it until it closed in 1920.


Producer and Narrator: Terry Diener

Music: Van Wagner / Lucky Man

Sources: History of Montour County/ Fred W. Diehl

Photo: Montour County Historical Society