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The Mooresburg One-Room Schoolhouse stands as the only remaining one-room school building in Montour County still set up just waiting for the students to return. Records surviving from the past tell us that more than 90 such schools once existed in this county. These same records indicate the students who passed grades one through eight went on to higher education and were well versed in geography, history and the humanities. For a lot of the students, these schools often provided the only source of actual book learning a child received.

The old one-room school was erected in 1875 and was rebuilt in 1891. The Valley Township School closed in 1964, the last of these schools in Montour County.

The vast majority of one-room schools in the United States are no longer used as schools and have either been torn down or converted for other purposes. Soon after the Mooresburg School closed it was taken over by the Montour County Historical Society and is now the Mooresburg One-Room Schoolhouse Museum. The museum houses some of the original furniture, school books and the still operable school bell. Many items were donated by the Danville Area School District. The old room heater, a Beaver Furnace manufactured by the Danville Stove and Manufacturing Company still sits in the corner.

In addition to the school items on display, there are many photographs and other pieces of interest pertaining to the community of Mooresburg. Included is the pottery wheel of John Ack whose father Daniel established a pottery business in 1875. Ack crocks and jugs, bearing the name Ack are collector’s items. Also on display is a wealth of memorabilia on Christopher Latham Sholes, the father of the modern typewriter, who once lived in the area. A Stecker Rocker made by Moses Stecker, manufacturer of fine furniture in the Mooresburg area can be seen at the schoolhouse. A collection of Indian arrow heads, gathered on nearby farms, a bearskin coat and several area maps are all on display in the museum.

The Schoolhouse will be closed for a bit while new displays are being arranged.

Address: 685 Liberty Valley Road, Danville, PA 17821